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We are a team of very experienced AI Researchers and Product developers who have proven strength in AI product research and development. We are extremely passionate about using cutting edge ML technology combined with Web Technologies to create Products which bring real-value to businesses.

DVIEW team has combined experience of 70+ years and have published extensively in top research conferences as well as has been inventors of several US granted patents. 


We provide a complete AI/ML as a Service offering using our unique Embrace AI Framework for businesses to jump start AI adoption for real value effectively

We apply AI to design & develop advanced solutions to complex, challenging problems across industries – retail, healthcare, manufacturing, media, sports, telecom, & IoT. We are active in a wide variety of research areas with major focus on computer vision and NLP.


Our Mission is to help companies & organizations of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies to government agencies to empower them with AI technologies and jump start AI adoption for real-world value.


DVIEW brings the bespoke Embrace AI Framework with academic rigour and commercial practicality to enterprises

DVIEW team members and collaborators are Industry AI Leaders covering full spectrum of AI Research and Development from POCs to Fully Managed AI Deployment at scale  

Our Focus Areas

Our focus areas are Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing

We combine signal processing fundamentals with advanced machine learning technologies (mostly deep learning methods) to solve complex business problems effectively and ethically. Some of interesting problems we have solved for our clients/products are: 

Object Detection

Pedestrian Detection, Animal Detection, Vehicles Detection, Custom Object Detection Annotation, Object Counting.

Autonomous Vehicles

Visual perception technologies for autonomous vehicles including 3D perception, Obstruction detection, and high fidelity dataset creation

Activity Recognition

Video Activity detection e.g. Fall detection, Gesture Recognition, Sports Action Detection, Elderly Care

Sentiment Analysis

Brand Monitoring, Employee’s Feedback Tracking, Customer Support, Competitor Monitoring.

Text Completion

Text Modelling, automatic text completion and generation.  

Explainable AI

Feature Engineering, Feature Importance and Impact Analysis, AI Stress testing

Recommender Systems

Recommendation engine using implicit and explicit feedback modelling

Pose Estimation

Human Pose Estimation, Gait/Posture Analysis, Motion Kinematics

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

DVIEW team has been exceptional and very methodical in their approach to applying AI for solving business problems. We will continue to engage with them for our AI services. 

Connecting Technology and Business is a rare skill. We are enjoying our collaboration with DVIEW and their research connections to enable AI innovation for our business needs. Thank you DVIEW and keep it up !!

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Our Technology Stack

We use a range of technologies to bring life to our products. The key ones are listed below

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